Tuesday, October 5, 2010

♥ Manga Review ♥ -Kagen no Tsuki-

I just read this manga recently. Kagen no Tsuki or they called it Last Quarter in english by Ai Yazawa. I'm a huge fan of Ai and this manga is different from any of her manga I read before.

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~ Short summary from me - Mizuki Mochizuki is a high school student whom one day met a guy by the name Adam. After a short while knowing him, Mizuki plan to get out from her parent's house and live with Adam. One day, Adam left the house under some circumstances that happen between him and Mizuki (it's not a fight, I just can't describe it) and Mizuki waited for him until one early morning she got a call from him. Adam said that he was going back to London and Mizuki decides to follow. Adam will wait her at a conjunction at one of the Shibuya streets. Nearly arrived at the current destination, Mizuki somehow didn't manage to get to Adam when she was hitted by a car and Mizuki's ex-boyfriend, Tomoki Anzai who was there at the time was late to save her. The next chapter shows Mizuki in a different dimensions with two gates beside her. There she met Hotaru, a girl who got into accidents too. After a while, Hotaru came conscious from her coma and went home. She went out to look for her cat, Lulu (the reason why she got into accidents before) and came across a cat who looks like Lulu. The cat then led Hotaru into an abandon house and there she met Mizuki for the second time. Mizuki told she was waiting for her boyfriend, Adam, and try to look for him but everytime she tried to get out from the house she ended up being at the house back. She can't get out. Hotaru then made a promise to Mizuki that she will help her find Adam. With the help of Hotaru's friends, Masaki, Sae and Tetsu, they try to look for Adam and search for Eve's (Mizuki)'s identity. Between these four kids, only Hotaru can see Mizuki. And because Mizuki didn't remember her name and everything else besides Adam, the kids decided to name her Eve. And the stories continue with the revelation of Eve's true identity that led to a girl name Sayaka Kamijo and the fact that Adam had died 20 years ago.

~ Kagen no Tsuki the movie

Chiaki Kuriyama as Mizuki Mochizuki and Eve
HYDE as Adam Lang
Hiroki Narimiya as Tomoki Anzai
Tomoka Kurokawa as Hotaru Shiraishi
Ayumi Ito as Sayaka Kamijo

I just watch through half the movie. Like most live-action movies, the plots are changed a lil' bit. In manga, there are 4 kids involved-Hotaru, Sae, Masaki and Tetsu. But in the movie, only Hotaru and Masaki involved. In manga, both Mizuki and Sayaka are 17 years old. But they were both 19 in the movie. And I noticed something...Chiaki is taller than HYDE. And the kissing scene looks weird cause of their height...XD..haha...LOL..~

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