Thursday, September 30, 2010


my mom told me today that i like to complaint. a lot. well, i complaint if, whenever someone mess up my day~ i was very unlucky today though...
1st...i just topup my phone rm10 last week.and i'm not the type to messages people or even call unless it's important...but when i check my credit balance...there's only 5 cent left..isn't that bullshit?...i ask my brothers whether they used my phone or not, they just act me, i know when they're siblings are pro in lying...including me..heh..~
2nd...i was havin' gastrithis and i was expecting my mom to buy me some ''carbohydrates'' meal on the way from ended up that my mom only buy icecream..!!!..and it's neapolitan...uugghhh....=,=lll
3rd...i went to store since my mom didn't buy me any ''carbohydrates food'' and i ended up buying myself an instant noodle...and before i went to the store i made myself some ice nescaffe~but when i got home...both my stupid and stingy lil' bro and sis gulp it down to the last drop...that was shiiiiitt...!!!!!!...ugghhhhh...!!!!
so...tell wouldn't i get piss cause of this...???

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